Listing Flyers & Slide Shows of Homes

Hello Buyers!

So you are interested in homes and property for sale in the High Desert? If you are looking to live in Phelan, Pinon Hills, Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, Barstow, Spring Valley Lake,Baldy Mesa, Silver Lakes, Summit Valley,Oro Grande Lucerne Valley, Helendale, El Mirage or Wrightwood we are here to help you.  Here you will find flyers for our listings. Click on the flyer for a new window displaying a slideshow complete with additional photos for you to consider. If you see a listing that you would like to view, give Candy a call at our office for an appointment-she will be delighted to help you find you dream home.

Marcos Road, Pinon Hills

Highway 2, Pinon Hills

White Fox Trail, Pinon Hills

Arrowhead Drive, Phelan

7556 Buckwheat Road, Wrightwood

Seville Place, Pinon Hills


Via Verde Avenue, Pinon Hills

Golden View Road, Pinon Hills

Sierra Road, Pinon Hills

Woodlawn Ave, Devore


11444 Winter Palace, Adelanto


Seville Place, Pinon Hills

11671 Desert View, Pinon Hills

Via Verde Avenue, Pinon Hills

10080 Mountain Road, Pinon Hills

Nevada Road, Phelan

6291 Shamrack Drive, Wrightwood


7823 Woodcliff Street, Phelan

Colfax Road, Pinon Hills

11961 Arena Road, Pinon Hills

18010 Juniper Street, Adelanto



6523 Monte Vista Road, Phelan

11183 Maple Ave, Hesperia


Tumbleweed Road, Phelan


Tamarack Road, Pinon Hills


873 Pinon Road, Pinon Hills

Evergreen Road Pinon Hills

Arizona Road, Phelan

Solano Road, Phelan


Bartlett Avenue, Adelanto


20288 Grey Mountain Road, Adelanto

Silver Rock Road, Pinon Hills

15918 Oak Court, Victorville

5350 Orchard Drive, Wrightwood


7373 Juniper Drive,Apple Valley


9276 Evergreen Road, Pinon Hills


Pinon Hills Road, Pinon Hills


Solano Road, Phelan

Sierra Road, Pinon Hills

10531 Joshua Street, Adelanto

Mountain Shadow Manor, West Cajon Valley

Skyline Drive, Pinon Hills

8353 Malpaso Road, Pinon Hills

3976 Amador Road, Phelan


White Road, Phelan


Valle Vista Road, Phelan

Smith Road, Phelan

Joshua Road, Apple Valley

Sierra Vista Road, Phelan

Cholla Court, Pinon Hills


5520 Juniper Road, Phelan


Liberty Road,

National Trails Hwy, Oro Grande


Monte Vista Road, Phelan

Sierra Vista Road, Phelan (Vacant Land, no slideshow available)











Thanks for looking!! and remember, if you see something you like, give Candy a call-she is a fantastic Buyers Agent delighted to help you!