Fixing Up the House Interior

One of the things you might consider doing before you list your home is a bit of painting... Fresh paint brings a clean, shiny feel to a home and is one of the least expensive home improvement projects you can do. It has a large impact too, even if you just touch up the moldings, and around the doors and window casings.

If you do decide to slap on some fresh paint, go with a neutral color, and white moldings. They are the least personalized, and more buyers are comfortable with the neutral look. They can project their own style on a neutral pallet, where a striking bright color or bold rich design will cause a buyer to focus on that element of your home, neglecting to see some of its other features. Be sure your home is clean and your floors in good condition. Fix any broken windows if you can, or glaring defects like holes in the walls. Imagine you are seeing the home for the first time, and if it helps, invite a friend over to see it with you. After your clutter removal, you will see the rooms in a whole new light, and the furnishings may need to be moved around a bit. Carolyn would be more than happy go give you a few pointers as to how the rooms would be best displayed, and is has a team full of experienced real estate professionals ready to help you with this process.