Lockbox - Yes or No?

A lockbox is a basically a padlock with a cavity inside where a key to your home can be placed. Only someone with an electronic key or the combination can get into the lockbox and access the key. Having a lockbox available at your house makes it easy for other agents to get access to your house.Carolyn and the McNamara Group use an electronic lock box system that records the name and number of every person who accesses the key. That way, we know who has been inside your home to show the property, and we can call them for their feedback on your property. This also increases the security of listing your home, with the knowledge of who and when your keys have been accessed.

Without the lockbox, agents representing buyers would have to set appointments to meet you or your agent at the house so they could gain access and view the home. This would be inconvenient. Since almost every other house does have a lockbox available, if you do not allow one some agents will simply not show your property. You may miss out on lots of potential buyers.

The listing contract specifies whether you allow a lockbox or not. It is locked into place, usually on the front door and cannot be removed.Allowing the use of a lockbox is a decision that you will be asked to make when you list your home.